Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dorm Room Winner

Okay, some of you have asked for pictures of Zoe's dorm room. Zoe and I spent time during the summer putting together several pieces for her room:
1 - Duvet cover
2 - Pillows
3 - Curtains
4 - Desk organizers and sink organizers
5 - Towels
6 - Decorations (paper lamps, wall stuff, and organizer board).
We also got some rugs and bins from Ikea/Target.
FYI - Her room won Best Overall Dorm for her college.
Here are some pictures -

Her duvet cover is reversible, one side is this black w/ white ric rac, the other is multi-colored.

I made matching trays for her and her roommate, they are made out of fabric w/ glass lining the bottom, with their initial below the glass.

Her roommate's quilt is from Anthropology.
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