Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three Skirts in Three Days

To those of you who know me I sometimes get obsessed with crafting and sewing. This leads to intense spells followed by dry periods. Zoe's dorm is an example of an obsessive period. I just finished another phase and made three skirts. I have always loved the paper-bag look for skirts and shorts, so I looked around and was inspired by these blogs: Made By Lex and Adventures in Dressmaking. I also liked this skirt on Urban Outfitters: Sparkle & Fade.

Here are other pictures of inspiration:

So here are the three I made -

This is the prototype I created w/ about 1 yard of scrap fabric. I made it too short for me and so I added the bottom hem, and then the coordinating belt.  I also sewed in button holes at the waistband so I could swap out the drawstring looking tie.  Here are some pictures:

Here is with the buttonhole drawstring insert tie:

The second skirt I modified from the first one.  I didn't need the button hole part, but I wanted pockets.  So here is skirt number two:
I also made the infinity scarf from three of Scott's old shirts.

I really like this skirt, it's probably my favorite of the three. I made it from a light-weight wool on sale for $5 a yard, a seasonless fabric, which doesn't mean much here in Tucson. The skirt can be dressed up easily w/ a sparkly shirt and heels.  

My last skirt is a true paper bag waist band.  The first two I inserted 2" wide elastic, but I didn't have any more elastic so I tried belt loops instead.

Anyway, there were very easy to make, didn't require a pattern, and about 1.5 yards.  So that should be enough of a sewing fix for awhile.

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  1. These are great! So cute and simple. The blue one looks super chic... probably because of the weight of the fabric. I will have to try one!

  2. I wish I had the crafting/sewing drive. I started a rag apron a few weeks back, put the sewing machine in the guest bathtub thinking I might finish it soon (the machine is normally stored in the garage) and there it still sits. Those skirts you made are really cute, though. Of course, the simple skirts you, Ellen and I started years ago are still half-finished as well. Ah well. Maybe some day :/

  3. The blue is actually black, it looks dark blue in the photo. But so super easy to make, seriously super easy.