Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gem Show Day One

Nothing better (or worse) than cash in your pocket and girlfriends to support your decisions (no offense husbands).  But I love the Tucson Gem Show and stash cash all year round to prepare for it.  Here are some pictures, most of them are gifts, and some are inspirations.

Stones and various Buddha amulets for $1-$3

Tiffany inspired bangle (looks just like the real thing though) for $25

Huge "rock" and roll rings for Zoe and friend
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby Quilts

I wanted to make a set of quilts for an upcoming shower. I was inspired by Sweet Softie Play mat to create a play mat. I used ripstop nylon for the bottom so that it can be used at a park, beach, campsite, emergency diaper changing pad, etc. But I didn't want to quilt through the nylon, mainly because it would probably be too slippery to run through my machine. So to quilt the top layer onto something, I bought prequilted fabric, and then used basting spray to attach the top fabric to the prequilted layer. Then nmachine quilted the two together, just in lines following the fabric. I attached the nylon fabric around the edges only, then sewed on the binding. Pretty simple.

The quilt is a simple nine patch, machine quilted.

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