Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIY - Anthropologie Inspired Bracelet

I really like this bracelet from Anthropologie for two reasons: cute and colorful; as well as easy to make! Here is the inspiration.

Here is my version:

Here are the simple steps to make a single wrap bracelet:
1. Gather supplies: 2mm cord (about 20 inches long), fabric glue, a strip of fabric (about 1.5" x 18"), button, embroidery floss, and nylon cord (so it can melt to seal the knots). 
2. Thread the cord through button, half way.
3. Lay the button end of cord on the strip like below. Smear fabric glue on the fabric's wrong side, under the cord. 
4. Fold the fabric over the cord, and press down onto the glue. 
5. Smear more glue onto the wrong side of the fabric and wrap the fabric around the cord. Keep glue and wrapping. Check for the length of your bracelet by wrapping around your wrist.   
6. When you get to the length you want, create a loop that is large enough for the button to go through. 

7. Cut the cord so it will be hidden under the fabric. Add more glue to the fabric and wrap it around the cord once and then trim the fabric, adding more glue to seal it in place.
8. Tie a length of the embroidery floss on one end, then wrap it around until you get to the other end and then knot it.

9. Start at the other end (button side) with another length of floss and then wrap it down to the loop side. And then tie it.

10. To secure the fabric, loops, and floss, use about a 15 inch piece of cord and use a macrame knot about 6 times on each side. Click here for directions. Only you just take the 15 inch piece and tie it on the top and that creates the two outside strings you need to macrame, with the bracelet being the two middle pieces.

 11. Trim the cord to about 1/2 an inch, then melt the ends with a lighter. When the cord forms a little ball close to the bracelet, blow out the flame and then touch the ball to make it into a little button. It will be hot.

12. And that's it!

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