Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kitchen Vignette

Dorm room possibility - for the pantry door
Zoe and I made a couple more things that could hang from the pantry door.  The memo board is just a spray painted dollar store frame, with a piece of fabric behind the glass.  The holders for the markers and notepad are made by folding a piece of fabric for the bottom pocket and then putting them in an embroidery hoop.  We found the mesquite branch, washed it and soaked it in some water with a bit of bleach in case there were scorpions or spiders living inside. We painted the rings around it and added hooks.  

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  1. I love that the memo board says "Cheese" so many times - reminds me of when I was coaching Zoe and Mike and Levi used to make her say "Cheese" all the time :) -Amy

    1. It's still her favorite food and kind of her moniker. -- Deirdre