Monday, July 16, 2012

Door ID & Mail Board

Zoe wanted a unique board to hang outside her room. It needed to have a pocket for mail and notes, and some hooks for keys and other stuff.  We were inspired by string art and this tutorial for a mail organizer ( We combined the two into this:

12 x 24 canvas
3 cork squares
spray adhesive
fabric to cover canvas
embroidery floss
fabric for the pocket (I used an old shirt.)
small nails/linoleum nails
two picture hanging hooks

staple gun
strong scissors
glue gun

1 - Using your glue gun, glue the three cork squares together, just run the glue around the edges.  Place something heavy on top to flatten them while drying.

2 - Trim the cork to fit inside the back on the canvas, see the next three pix. I used my kitchen scissors to cut through the cork, using a exacto knife makes a mess.

3 - Glue the cork to the canvas, again just on the edges.  Staple the cork to the edge of the frame.

4 - Cut the fabric about 2 inches wider than the edge of the canvas.  Spray the front of the canvas with the spray adhesive and stretch the fabric around the front and staple in place on the back.

5 - Add the two hanging hooks to the upper corners of the back.

6 - Print out your initial. We used the font DeLouisVille, size 1200.  You want to fill up an 8.5 x 11 paper as much as possible, also if possible, use the Outline font function (just to save ink).

7 - Use the nails and press around the edge of the initial. For the most part, you can push the nails into the canvas, but you might need to use a hammer. Then carefully tear the paper off.

8 - Just knot the floss and go back and forth between the nails.

9 - Now refer to  for the pattern and directions for making and adding the pocket.

10 - Add hooks to the bottom. I spray painted mine.  And you are done!

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