Thursday, October 13, 2011

Decorating Zoe's Dorm Room

I really like the challenge of decorating a dorm room - small space and small budget. Zoe and her dad say I go overboard, but I think Zoe secretly likes it, and we have a lot of fun planning, designing, shopping, and doing it.  Anyway, this year we did a video as well as some final pictures.
Here are also some pictures we took right when we were done.

 We just put pillows onto two chairs. Zoe's roommate was bringing a little couch.

Here are some pictures taken later, during Parents' Weekend.

 I made this bean bag later and shipped the cover, and got beans locally, but it needs some more.

Zoe and her roommate got into the spirit of things and redid their bulletin board and added their room number to the transom.   Also, Zoe's dorm won "Best Overall Dorm Room" and "Best Use of Space." Pin It

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