Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Topiary Conundrum

When I bought some plants for the terrariums I was making with my mom, I got a small variegated ivy.  Well I didn't have room for it, so I just stuck it in a pot.  I jammed a dowel in the pot for a makeshift trellis.

I thought that I should give it a proper home, so I began searching for topiary frames. I could not find easily any cool ones on the internet, mostly topiary balls and animal figures like dolphins. I eventually found a modern one at www.cb2.com, on sale. So the morning after our first monsoon rain (it was in the 80s at 8 am), I assembled it a together, using a galvanized planter also from CB2.  I put a couple of inches of rocks and gravel in the bottom (the planter doesn't have a drainage hole), then a layer of charcoal (the stuff that is used in aquarium filters). The charcoal helps clean and destink the water. After planting the ivy and the trellis, I put a dressing of rocks from Ikea.

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