Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sewing with Knits

I'm finally feeling a bit confident with my serger, so decided to take on a couple of sewing projects. To get some cool knit fabrics, I bought a couple of Knit Fixes from Girl Charlee.  They send you a surprise bag of 2 yard lengths of 6 different knit fabrics. Here are some of my most recent projects using the Girl Charlee fabric:

This easy raglan was from a pattern from Patterns for Pirates

Here is my latest project, from a self-drafted pattern.

1.  I used the pattern that I made in the teal elephant print above. But I made two back pieces for the front and back instead so that the neck line was smaller to accommodate the turtleneck.
2.  I sewed the shoulders, sleeves, and then the sides like normal.

3.  Then I made the turtleneck piece, it's slightly smaller than the neck hole, only about 3/8 an inch. Here is the pattern.

4.  I unfolded it, and then sewed the two sides together right sides together,  the right and edge side in the picture above.  I then used bias tape to cover the seam. To make it, I just cut a 1.75 inch of knit fabric it, used iron on tape between it, and then iron both sides on top of the iron on tape. Laid it over the seam and top stitched it on both edges.

Then I folded it back together, right sides out. I lined up the raw edges and then serged it all around, it's a tube. Then I attach it to the neck hole.

5. I made more tape to finish the sleeves and the slits. This time I put the iron on tape on the bottom half and then folded it over and ironed it down.
6. To finish the sleeves, I sewed it on, right sides together, folded in on the inside, and then sewed it on.

7.  I used this tutorial to add the tape to the side slits.
8.  To hem, I served the hem, used the iron on tape to fold up the hem, and then I used my double needle. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you got a bit inspired!

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