Sunday, June 14, 2015

Closet Makeover - What a mess!

Don't really need to say much here, pictures say everything! It is hard to take pictures inside a closet.

Too many clothes, shoes piled on the floor.

Off season clothes way too high to reach.

Mismatch of boxes.

Hardly any room to stand inside.

Too much stuff! So it was time to get rid of unused, outdated, and wrong sized clothes. There are a lot of theories and guides to do this, but I asked myself a simple question, "If I saw this at a store (and I'm not including Goodwill), would I buy it?"  So away went my Benetton sweater and my boot cut cords and high heeled shoes, but I kept my Esprit Thanksgiving shirt and a Calvin Klein wrap chambray skirt. And I took everything out of the closet.  Then I mapped out the closet and sketched out the access zones: 
  • daily access: in season clothes, shoes, laundry sorting (whites, darks, mediums, delicates, good will, dry-cleaning)
  • more frequently accessed: (specialty workout clothes, seasonal clothes/sweaters)
  • seldom accessed storage: (old paperwork, family slides, fancy shoes/clothes, suitcases)
So the daily access items needed to be on the main level, the next accessed clothes could be on the upper shelf, but still within reach, and the top level is the seldom accessed items, that would need a step ladder to get to. Here is the final organized closet:

Matching fabric bins from Target.

Behind the curtains (Ikea wire and hooks) are the least accessed items: suitcases, random boxes of papers, etc.

On each side, we have three of the narrow bins: mediums, darks, dry cleaning on this side, and then whites, delicates, and goodwill on the other.
Still need to get rid of more shirts.

In the before closet, I used an old bookshelf for my shoes, but because it was for books the shelves were too far apart, so I swapped it for this shelf designed for shoes, more shoes in the same footprint.

Closet purse hanger.

Added framed photo.

Labels to mark what is in the mid-level boxes (off season bottoms)
Love my closet now! Something I can easily walk in, find things easily, and not a source of stress.

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