Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bathroom Update

It's time for me to update our guest bathroom. It is a little juvenile and since the household is all older than 20, the bathroom needs to be hipped up. Here are some before pictures (notice the rubber ducks and frogs):

I wanted to easily update it. This means no painting, no updating of fixtures, and needs to be cheap (Target and Ikea).  I also wanted to make it more efficient. Here is is:

Some efficiency changes I made
I really disliked cleaning the little corner ledges of the bathtub, they were covered with goopiness from the odd shampoos/lotions/etc piled up on them. I also tried shower hangers, but they tilted or fell off. So I bought the soap dispensers and the corner shelf. They attach easily with provided silicone glue. Love them!

And I don't know about you, but keeping towels neatly folded on a towel rod never happened, so I used to put up "fake" neatly folded towels, that were never used. This is a waste of space in a small bathroom.  So I got some S hooks from Ace Hardware and put them on the towel rod. And now it's easy to simply hang up the towels.

Also, my college-grad daughter uses this bathroom when she is here.  The bathroom doesn't have enough counter space for her lotions and potions, so I bought the rolling grey cart from Ikea. We just roll it out before guests arrive, that's her face towel on the hook.

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