Friday, April 25, 2014

Cord Catchall


I have so many things that need to be plugged in/charged on my desk, that I have a mess of cords, surge protectors, etc.  It's a challenge to keep track of them as well as the issue of some cords can stay permanently here, but others need to easily be removed (for vacations, school, etc). Now as soon as I get a cord, I label it, so that I know what it's for.  But I also created a quick box to hide them all. Not sure if the fire marshal would approve, so please don't come after me if they catch on fire. Here are the steps:

1. Gather your supplies: a box (I used an Ikea box), and an Exacto knife.
2. Cut a hole for the cords to go in/out of.  I used the hole already on the side of the box and just connected it.

3. Make your box, and put the cords inside that you want to hide. I have a surge protector strip inside the box, that's the thick cord coming out of the box, and going down the hole in the top of my desk to the plug below. It's easy to take cords, by just opening the box and unplugging it.


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