Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My bad...

With the busy holidays I have been remiss in keeping my blog updated, but as an excuse, a lot of my projects were gifts, so I had to keep them on the down low. I will try to catch up though.  Here is a quick fun project that can go in any decor.

Custom Fabric Tray

Unfinished wooden tray (Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby, etc.)
Acrylic craft paint in your choice of color
Coordinating fabric that fits inside the tray
Trim to go around the perimeter of the inside of the tray
Mod Podge

Fabric scissors
Glue gun & glue stick

1 - Paint the tray, you don't need to paint where the fabric goes.

2 - Measure the inside of the tray and add an inch to both the length and the width. Cut your fabric that dimension.

3 - Fold the fabric a 1/2 inch all the way around and press with the iron. You can trim the corners to make the fold lay flat.

4 - Spread thinly some mod podge on the base of the tray.  Alternatively, you can spray the fabric with spray mount glue.

5 - It is possible for the fabric to shrink and not fit exactly along the edge.  If it works out, then you might not have to use the trim around the perimeter.  Some recommendations say to trim the fabric with an exacto knife, but when I tried, the fabric just frayed.  That's why I folded it, to make a neat edge, but I still had some gaps, so then I glued on the trim, with a glue gun.

6 - I then applied 2-3 layers of mod podge to seal the fabric.  That's it!

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