Friday, September 21, 2012

Pretty Fabric Lamp

Lamp with wire frame - I got mine at Goodwill
Spray paint - if you want to change the color of the lamp base
Scraps of fabric - I cut strips about 1.5 inches wide and a variety of lengths (from 6 inches)
1 - If desired, spray paint the base, I used these directions as a guide (Directions to paint a lamp).
2 - Remove the fabric or paper from the lamp shade, exposing the wire frame.
3 - Starting along the bottom, tie one end of a piece of scrap on a vertical wire.  Go across to the next vertical wire and tie it.  I just used a single knot, and it seems to hold fine.  If the lamp might be moved a lot or touched a lot do a square knot.  I trimmed all the fabric when I was done. The frayed edges and some loose threads are part of it's charm.
4 - Just keep going around and around. So simple and looks great when lit up.

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