Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nesting again...

It's summer time, which means I have a break from teaching. So Zoe and I spend some time getting her college apartment fancied up.  As you can see in my previous posts, we go to great lengths to give her dorm special touches. Its a way for me to "nest" again, so I take full advantage of it.  This year she is moving into an on-campus apartment, so she will have a living room, kitchen, and her own bedroom/bathroom, with one roommate with her own bedroom/bathroom. The apartment is brand new, with stainless appliances and marble counters, and furnished, though we are negotiating that so we can try out making a palette couch. It's located on a new part of campus, which is mixed-use.  She is on the 3rd floor above two restaurants: Zaza's (gourmet pizza & bar) and Panera (chain fancy bread/sandwich shop).  Here is a couple of things I made: potholders & rags. I was inspired by http://gingercake.typepad.com/gingercake/2012/05/piped-pot-holders-tutorial.html to make the potholders, only instead of two fabric layers around a heat resistant batting, I used one layer of fabric, on top of a ironing board batting, easier. Here are some pictures:

I also made some rags. I bought microfiber towels at Big Lots, and then I had some old tie dyed fabric and just serged the two together. I also just sewed together the dyed fabric to old t-shirts.

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  1. very clever with the ironing board fabric! They look great.